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A grassroots movement designed to foster creativity in the hearts and hands of hair care professionals nationwide. Wndrlnd is a collection of passionate stylists, industry enthusiasts, young professionals, current and aspiring artists, fashion aficionados, general trendsetters, and anyone else that is not afraid to shake up the status quo. Visual Soldiers was brought on to create their visual direction, brand identity, marketing materials and to design and develop their website.

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"After the first few minutes with the Visual Soldiers team, I knew they were the right people for the WNDRLND project. I really wanted someone to take the time to listen, understand me, and bring the brand to life. They made the process so easy and I never felt out of contact, or felt like a number. I trusted them to find their own process of creativity within my vision. Honestly, I'm more than impressed, actually I'm grateful. Thanks guys."

- The Wndrlnd

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